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The best way to manage your event or your structure' Security!

The Cloud Platform that suits your business needs!

BAM Platform allows the creation of personalized accreditation cards or badges for your Organization!
Design your layout, manage the authorizations for each user, use the check-in applications at the gates and monitor the statistics through intuitive panels, in real time.


Choose the Accreditation's graphic

With BAM you have the possibility to choose between many formats and layout graphics or to propose your own. Consult our technicians to explore all the possibilities and amaze your users


Assign categories and areas

You can create and assign specific categories and functions to each user.
If the structure is divided into different areas, with BAM you can manage specific authorizations for each one


Use the apps for access control

BAM is connected to the Check-in applications, which automatically update the permissions set by the administrator. The checks can also take place without any internet connection 


Record the flows and monitor the results

Thanks to the extremely intuitive control and monitoring panels, you can observe what happens at the access gates, in real time! 

BAM: use cases

Athletes, coaches, staff, journalists, professionals and institutions access the Universiade Napoli 2019 with accreditations provided with an anticounterfeiting code, BLUeCODE, conceived and produced by Bluenet, a young Neapolitan start-up. FISU and Regione Campania chose this technologic system for its security characteristics and its compliance with the operational requirements of the second multi-sports event in the world. Read more

SSC Napoli chose BAM to manage the accreditation cards and the access security for all the workers, during the home games. With BAM we manage: personalized accreditation for each user, creation of services and organizations, real-time monitoring, registration of Steward staff... 

Technologybiz is a structured and recurring initiative of territorial animation and business networking. Supported by a smart community that promotes the Culture of Innovation, it stimulates extra-regional cooperation, promotes cross-fertilization, open innovation and technology transfer processes by creating matching between innovation supply and demand. 

The first free concert in the Naples University Campus of Monte Sant'Angelo, with the participation of more than 2000 spectators. Issuance of access tickets and controls managed with the BAM platform, all during a splendid concert with the artist Tommaso Primo!

Manage the identification card of your professional order, the updates for training courses, booking for events, authorizations to access in specific areas
and much more! 

National format with large companies, research bodies and institutions, promoted by KnowledgeForBusiness with the support of the Regione Campania.

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