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A newly conceived, modern accommodation facility that makes use of technological equipment to provide quality services to its guests. With an innovative project in the heart of Naples, Bluenet has provided Nap Hostel with a complete access control system and a credit management platform, with the help of wearable devices equipped with microchips.

Mobile app for credit management
Satisfaction and appreciation for the guests
Flow monitoring panels for administrators
Secure Access Control in all the areas

Nap Hostel Spaccanapoli, an accommodation facility located in the historic center of Naples, has adopted the BAC access control system, combined with the payment management Feedati platform.

Thanks to the electronic personalization of wearable objects with a personalized design, the guest of the structure is equipped with a single tool, a bracelet, with the logo of the structure clearly visible on it, capable of performing the functions of: 

 - room keys;

 - key to your drawer; 

 - electronic purse; 

 - entrance to the car park; 

 - entrance to the garden.

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