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We worked together with the largest company in the Gulf of Naples, Alilauro S.p.A, to provide a complete system for issuing, checking and monitoring cards and travel documents

Rugged devices for the check-in
Faster queues and user satisfaction
The Gulf Smart Card
Flow control and monitoring panel

Alilauro is a shipping transport company, founded in 1944 by Agostino Lauro, which occupies a leading role in the Italian shipping scenario. Its winning features remain the strength of the group and the quality of the offered services, also thanks to open innovation projects.

From a meeting held during the Innovation Village initiative, a fruitful relationship between the two companies began. We have studied criticalities and state of art of the available IT infrastructure for the shipping company. After completing the proper analysis, we proposed to the Company some improvements and projects in the short, medium and long term. Alilauro S.p.A., in the person of the former CEO, Sen. Salvatore Lauro, has decided to bet on our company, accompanying us within the largest reality operating in the Gulf of Naples.

The collaboration, started in 2017, was publicly presented on the occasion of the Neptune 4.0. launch.

One of the objectives of our collaboration was to develop a system able to manage with safety and simplicity issue, validation, control and monitoring of boat tickets. One of the most significant innovations was the introduction of Smart Cards that interacted in NFC, the Alicard 4.0, equipped with our multi-application operating system, OSCAR.



The tickets, which can be purchased at the ticket office or online, can be printed and showed or simply displayed on smartphones. Our system interacts with different types of support: Barcode, QRcode... and Alicard4.0, with which you get directly on board! 


Also operating in off-line mode, the system is designed to manage the control of a large number of travelers in a few minutes. The intuitive interface and the immediate results of the controls make it a product loved by its users


Data and their reliability help in company choices and in outlining new strategies for the success.
This is the reason why our reports have a crucial importance in the vision of the whole project

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